Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ahh Saturday

A trip to the Farmers Market for organic, grass feed hamburger and Costco, for items that I did not even know I needed, I am finally home to begin preparing an excellent dinner. The menu consists of my excellent and famous (if you have never heard of them - well then sorry for you) grilled hamburgers topped with extra sharp, New York cheddar, grilled tomatoes and portabello mushrooms, thick cut kettle chips and sour cream. All of the above will be washed down with the prized, long cellared "The Maiden" 2003. While opening the bottle notice the cork is well seated and really tight, find myself struggling with it. Open the bottle and pour the first splash into wine glass, not just any wine glasses but the ridiculously overpriced, European, leaded, hand-blown, crystal glasses, that are too big to fit into any normal sized cabinet, thereby requiring their own special one, but I digress. At first glance I notice that the wine is a little orangish at the rim - hmm should not be as it is only a 2003 and it has been stored in my temperature controlled cellar, since the winery shipped to me. Nice aromas of currant and berry, first sip lots of tannins (ok it is a Napa Cab blend), than pruned, sour acidity - not going as planned. Pour the glasses, small amounts to allow it to open, and make dinner, return to the wine 30 minutes later, yep still perplexing and if possible more sour acidity. Leave glasses, eat dinner, settle in to watch a movie 2 hours later take a small sip of wine, inexplicable it has got more acidic. Quickly choke down the wine and wonder if I should be disappointed or happy I have 2 more bottles of the 2003 lurking in the cellar!

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