Monday, June 01, 2009

Ahh Brenda Block how lovely you are......

Murphy-Goode Brenda Block Murphy Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 - Cellared for 6 years (got an amazing close out price on it) and selected to be opened on an ordinary, rainy, stormy Monday night for a quasi celebratory drink. Tasted immediately upon opening with really, really, really tight and acidic. Opened for 3 hours now and showing quite nicely. Very nice ruby color with very little change at rim, still deep color with slight pink rim. On the nose; tobacco, fruit, fruit and more fruit, currant, cherry, raspberry, coffee, coconut, vanilla, cassis, and lavender. The palate perfectly matches the nose with nice sweetness berry flavors, medium tannins, medium alcohol and good acidity with a very long finish. Sadly this was the last bottle in my cellar and it could have aged longer. Wish I would have bought more bottles at the extremely low price that make this a great, inexpensive drink.

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